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Lightworker's Journey & Mentoring Level One

We Are Who We've Been Waiting For

A Six Weeks Journey to The Healer Within

This Six Weeks Training is designed to assist you as a Lightworker to develop your spiritual gifts and muscles to align with the Highest expression of Yourself.  A $2955 Value for ONLY $450 Today

This Training includes:
An initial Individual Soul Clearing for each student at the beginning of the training
Weekly Group Sessions: 1 hour Classroom Training (Virtual Classroom via Zoom)
One (1 hour) Individual (one/one) Mentoring held weekly (via phone or virtual via zoom) to explore your unique challenges and gifts.
Weekly Group Soul Clearings to facilitate on-going emotional releases and healing
Free Attendance to January & February Conscious Conversations
***Classes are recorded in the event you are miss a session

Humanity is going through a tremendous transformation, a shift in consciousness. An Amazing time to be here on Earth. And Yes, you signed up for just this time to be here.

Our family, friends, love ones and community need healing. We have to first heal ourselves so that we are able to bring forth our light to ourselves and our loved ones. You chose to be on Earth during this time to assist with this transformation and evolution.

It's time to Remember,

Group Classroom Sessions are held (TBA) via Zoom Virtual Classroom

Prerequisites: A Strong Commitment

Essentials for Your Journey & Success

Attributes: A Willing Attitude, Commitment / Honesty / Openness

Course Outline

Week One: Course Overview / Expectations / Schedules

Week Two: Introduction & Integration of Self Healing through the Ancient practice of Forgiveness; Learn how to transmute energy & heal old wounds and hidden trauma

Week Three: (Ancestral Healing, Family & Friends: Explore the connection of Ancestral patterns within and the concept of Oneness

Week Four: Tapping Into Your Body Intelligence: Integrating Mind & Body

Week Five: Dream-Work for the Release of Subconscious Blocks

Week Six: Spiritual Gear For Your Journey / A Healer's Diet / Conscious Eating

Training Cost:

A Limited Time Offer of:  $450

$250 Deposit required before (TBA)

You may submit payment via website:


You may email me for Invoice to Submit payment.

***Payment arrangement available upon request for the balance****

I recommend the reading of "Spiritual Warrior" for deeper connection to this journey.

A Spiritual Healer is a wounded healer. (Read Spiritual Warrior).

Please feel free to contact me via whatsapp, 1+678-357-5171 or  email if you have any questions.

Thank you and I look forward to this journey with you.

Thank You for answering the Call!!!!